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I Just Keep Watching It. *(Rescue Me!)

October 14, 2006

Yesterday and today I’ve watched all four discs of Rescue Me Season 2 starring Denis Leary. When it was over I watched Hotel Rwanda starring Don Cheadle and Ebay starring a guitar I helped build. But let us talk now of Rescue Me.

Rescue Me is the ongoing story of some hard-living, fast-talking, whiskey-drinking Irish sonofabitch named Tommy, played by Denis Leary, who works for the New York fire department (FDNY) in post 9-11 New York. Apparently they still have fires there. It’s an ensemble cast type of a show and I recognize a few of the faces but aside from Leary I really don’t know any of the other actors names. A couple of them are so old they probably don’t know their names either. It’s a real hell of a dramatic sort of show. There is a never ending string of heart-breaking tragedies. They’ve got screaming. They’ve got crying. They’ve got fire. Occasionally they have ghosts and homosexuals. I can’t decide if I like it or not. Read the rest of this entry »


Today You Experience the Magic of Chris Bathgate.

October 6, 2006

This video of “The Way” was taken at the Biscuit Family BBQ/Fundraiser in Ann Arbor Michigan on 30Sept2006. Chris Bathgate (with guitar) & Michael Beauchamp (not with guitar) covering Will Oldham. We went to Lansing later in the evening to play an all acoustic show organized by the infamous John Krohn of Deep Deep Pink Studios. Dave Lawson, Chris Bathgate, Chris Ostafinski (from The Recital!) and myself. Not a bad weekend. Video was taken by the ubiquitous Brandon Zwagerman. I saw it with my own eye. In Lansing Chris O. covered an Erasure song with backing track on a Sony Ghetto Blaster. I’m sorry you missed it. Amazing.