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The Future is Here, Says My Razor Sharp Knife.

August 23, 2006

Look at that thing!

I challenge anyone who says the future is not right here before our very eyes, to an old time knife fight.

Via Engadget.


Bob Dylan is Not Afraid of Telling Technology it Sucks.

August 22, 2006

Dear Technology,

Guess what day this is? Yea, it’s pretty much the day Bob Dylan hands you your ass!!! BURN!!!!
He’s right too. You suck in big ways in small ways and in ways whose sizes I am unaware.

But also, like Kip, I love you.

You’re adorable.

Seriously though, I’m not going to take a stand against Bob Dylan on this, sorry technology, I’ve gotta place my eggs in the basket of a proven winner of life.

Bob Dylan is love.

I love him. (but not as much as I love technology.)

The Rich are Twisted Trolls.

August 3, 2006

Horse Freak

Rich folk are vile, twisted creatures committing unspeakable acts and getting off scott free. Money changes a person. Money is awesome. Therein lies the quandry.

No, friends, in the end, Nay! It’s not a matter of whether or not the sun is coming up tomorrow. (It’s not.) It’s not a matter of whether you are happy right now with where you are. (You are.) (Not.) Or if your childhood was a good one. (You tell me.) (And then we’ll go to the cops.)

No, friends, in the end, Nay! This truth of which I speak; of which stands wholy on it’s own two legs of irrefutable wisdom, breathes the breaths’s of sweet wisdoms unto itself, basks in it’s own glow. Sun and moon have no bearing upon the powerful light of this reality. 90k would utterly rule! I know it would. You can do so much with 90k. Look at that picture. Me?

I’d buy that fucking freak horse, sex it to death and then eat it.

Nobody can touch you when you’re rich, man. Nobody.

I hope I never get rich.

Go now. Enjoy the day. Do what you do. (Stay away from my horse. Sicko.)

Status: Earlobe.

August 1, 2006

Good day to you,

August 1 2006 – While reading this article about the health of Fidel Castro I came across…., um… okay, it wasn’t that article, it was this article, about…Harry Potter. Ok, fine yes, Harry Potter. Alright! Nevertheless, I came across an MSN photographic slideshow entitled “the week in celebrity sightings“. After I finished up learning literature, I clicked the link and watched the slideshow. I recommend you do the same. (follow that link to the Harry Potter. The slideshow was on the right.) Not necessarily all of it needs watching; just the final shot, number 18. If you attend to this behest you will discover there, as did I the following:

Kirk Douglas has attained an unbelievable Status of Earlobe!!!!!

Take heed! The slideshow is a Flash presentation titled “the WEEK in celebrity sightings”. Thereby presume it likely the image will not be available to us forever. (or beyond Sunday) I searched upon the internet for more permanent evidence of this lobe in hopes of linking to it directly. Sadly I have thus far found nothing which as fully reveals it’s splendour in the way in which Photograph Number 18 has been able to do. Therefore, I beg of you, View it now. Before it is too late!