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Bee Legs Of Doom

April 29, 2006


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I didn't intend to say a single word today. I simply intended to read a simple story about bees and how they fly and what they do while they fly, with their legs.

Harmless enough? Well unfortunately some unexpected unsettling is overwhelming my urge to not write. I am writing.

And damn an article seemingly unrelated to anything outwardly unsettling but secretly in the midst of itself becoming unsettling!

The U.S. military and other groups hope to use such mini flying robots for search and rescue missions and other applications. Bees could inspire future designs.

Oh, I love rescue missions as much as the next guy needing rescue. But I really, really do not love vagueries such as "other applications" in such close relation to mention of the Military. Read it again. Other applications!?? Like, just what exactly, with your mini robot bee?

It makes for unsettling flights of hidden military fancy in my mind & I shrink for fear. & maybe a twinge of disgust.

Read the full article here. Feel the full unsettle in your heart. Enjoy the photograph in your eye. & Do not falter.


Obie Trice.3.Ride With Me

April 29, 2006

First I had their ear. Now I have their heart….

O.Trice. is a writer, people. He might be that ‘average man’. But is not the average lyricist. Can’t say it enough.

Speaks to Proof.

Listen Here. –
Hope you’re well.


April 28, 2006


Finally!! I'm sooo excited!! WAIT! Let me explain, it…yea, it's FEEDBURNER. First of all, do you subscribe to the picture perfect feed? Well if you did and if you do, you will see when viewing the feed in your feedreader that at the bottom of each post is a set of links offering to let you do things such as "digg this" " this" "email the author" and so on. Well ONE of the options feedburner offers for inclusion in that list is called "monkey alert". If you are reading the feed and the post has a mention of monkeys and monkey things then in the aforementioned list they claim that there will be a bit of text alerting you to the presence of the mention of monkey. I think it will likely say: Monkey Alert! However as yet I know not for certain what it will say. This is my first post of any kind involving monkey.

And for a first, it's a pretty good one. Thereby, enjoy the video, be lighthearted, subscribe to the feed and tell me if the Monkey Alert! is functioning, and just generally enjoy yourself today.

You monkey. 😉

A YouTube monkey expose, by Ernest Cline

PS: Dear sweet, For the love of monkeys!!! Please fix up some way to embed a damn youtube video in our posts. That's just silly to not be able to. Silly.

Ghost Stairs To Freedom Concrete

April 27, 2006

Ghost Stairs

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Freedom is not all about windows okay?

Sometimes freedom is about things that look like windows taking the place of where windows ought to be, but aren't.


While the panels would not be transparent, since there will be concrete behind them, they still might impart a shimmering quality to an almost windowless structure that will rise nearly 20 stories. Stone cladding is another possibility. Read More (NY Times)