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Hard Luck

December 8, 2007

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Farewell Ze Frank… Oh Hello! Oh Damn!

March 23, 2007

On the final day of The Show with Ze Frank, I heard of The Show with Ze Frank.

What a sad state of sadness. Now I’ve watched almost all of the episodes over the last 6 days and it makes me wish I’d been there as it happened.

Oh Sad.

If you’re like me or, rather you as me 6 days ago and this is the first you’ve heard of The Show with Ze Frank there is a nice summation of the fun we missed out on out today at Slate Magazine

I’m Watching Grey’s Anatomy For The First Time

March 4, 2007


The First Time I Ever Watched Grey’s Anatomy, A Long Synopsis, By Me.

Surgeons are going on a camping trip. It was supposed to be a trip for two. Two dudes. But, others are uninvitedly joining the excursion to the chagrin of the original organizer. A woman is narrating. All the dudes from the hospital. All the lady surgeons are staying at the hospital working. There is tension. Much tension. I don’t know any of these characters. This is a show I’ve never seen until this very moment. It’s introduced itself as a show with dudes going camping, in one storyline, and a husband and wife storyline, where the husband is getting a sex change and the wife ain’t none too pleased.

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I Just Keep Watching It. *(Rescue Me!)

October 14, 2006

Yesterday and today I’ve watched all four discs of Rescue Me Season 2 starring Denis Leary. When it was over I watched Hotel Rwanda starring Don Cheadle and Ebay starring a guitar I helped build. But let us talk now of Rescue Me.

Rescue Me is the ongoing story of some hard-living, fast-talking, whiskey-drinking Irish sonofabitch named Tommy, played by Denis Leary, who works for the New York fire department (FDNY) in post 9-11 New York. Apparently they still have fires there. It’s an ensemble cast type of a show and I recognize a few of the faces but aside from Leary I really don’t know any of the other actors names. A couple of them are so old they probably don’t know their names either. It’s a real hell of a dramatic sort of show. There is a never ending string of heart-breaking tragedies. They’ve got screaming. They’ve got crying. They’ve got fire. Occasionally they have ghosts and homosexuals. I can’t decide if I like it or not. Read the rest of this entry »