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Sound The Alarm – Black Milk

March 14, 2007





The Hard Lessons in AmsterDAMN!!!

November 25, 2006

The Hard Lessons, Photo by: Doug Coombe

The Hard Lessons, Photo by: Doug Coombe


Go here. You can stream the Rock N’ Roll show put on by those most darling Hard Lessons when they were in Amsterdam with Ok Go and Motion City Soundtrack. Start typing in “the h-a-r-d-l-” in the search box and it’ll come right up like magic!

It Bleeds is a great great song. Listen to that. Listen to the whole show.

Wonderful people. Buy their new E.P. Rock out.



Hughes 4 Proof

April 11, 2006


Note In Music by Langston Hughes, 1940

Life is for the living. Death is for the dead.
Let life be like music. And death a note unsaid.

RIP Deshaun Holton aka Big Proof

This is a shit day.

Updated: Proof Shot In Detroit

April 11, 2006



Absolutely horrible news from Detroit this morning. Deshaun Holton : Proof of D12, who recently released his album "Searching For Jerry Garcia" has died.

AT approx 4:30Am April 11 at the Triple C Club on 8-Mile in Detroit, shots were fired and at least 2 people were hit. Among them Proof. The 2nd victim has not yet been identified.

Anyone with information on the shootings is asked to call Detroit Police at 313-596-2260.

7 UPDATE: Interscope Records statement: Bizarre not involved.

Radio Interview with Proof QT stream

6 UPDATE: Local News Website has a few details

5 UPDATE: This Guy Is Rightabout Proof

4 UPDATE: Bizarre may have been shot as well.

3 UPDATE: Initial report from

Interview with Proof &

1 UPDATE: more in depth details. Unfortunately stirs the "rap wars" bullshit. But has details as well.