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Our Friend Flicka Prances Not Upon The Grave Of Jimmy Hoffa

June 17, 2006

Just a quick one here. A little quickie to get your eyes sparkling with enjoyment. Perhaps a giggle of delight…

June 17 2006 Photo & tagline from a Detroit Free Press Article.



Reoptimizing My Performance Using Performance Optimizing Extensions

June 17, 2006


I have updated my type-o-bot and will now attempt to pull a blogRabbit out of my Firefox.

& yes, that does mean I've finally installed Performancing for Firefox and am excited to use it.

What Performancing for Firefox does is open a text editing screen at the bottom of your Firefox browser window
allowing you to write and post entries to your blog no matter where you are on the internet. For instance, I am currently looking at some possible flickr photographs and choosing which one will be linked above where it says "excited" while down here in Performancing I am typing about my intention to link "excited" to the page I'm on.


On a related highly unrelated note; the US World Cup team plays Italy in just a few moments. One of my best friends has aversions to Italy on the grounds that they're coming straight outta southern Europe. Which makes sense if you know some of the things I know which you don't and which I'm not about to tell you.

But have a good time anyway with whatever it is that you do.

Lo.. ahem, ..Sincerely Yours,

Tears Of Super Joy

June 2, 2006

Thank you Bryan Singer, Thank you.

Dear Me,

Above is the trailer for the new Superman movie due out at the end of this month. You go watch it now, me. You just go watch it, settle your mind, let it all seep deep down inside your consciousness where hope and innocence live on. Twin lights of youth tucked away inside the darkened heart of disappointment and regret.

Let it touch the cockles.

Let it all out.


Your Friend,