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Bathroom of Lust

May 25, 2006

bathroom Originally uploaded by strollerdos.


Good Afternoon.

Today, feeling like barely trying, I bring you this photo. It's a lovely bathroom. Meditate upon it and receive answers to your questions. This bathroom is your visual mantra for the day.

On flickr this photo has garnered 3 comments my favorite being from flickr-ite tradero
who says:

"I'd like a bathroom like this one"

For reasons I don't feel like trying to define, that statement, with that image gives me the giggles.

All for now friends, please enjoy your whatever.



Faster On The Way Down

May 22, 2006

Originally uploaded by Nico van Vliet.


Or so I would presume…..


May 8, 2006


Originally uploaded by Skiddlyboo.

Here is what you want to see. Thank you skiddlyboo!

As to the rest of it, I've been away, yes. And have now returned. As it always is: bills must be paid else cable companies repossess their modems… This is set-up to work best for commerce. Fight them if you wish. I do. And to no avail. In the end we pay. It hurts. Yes it does. But if we are to spread the message of Ceiling Cat there is no better way but by internet. It has been too long between entries. I'm rusty at this now. How quickly hiatus saps my prose of grace! My grace saps my maple tree of intent. My nonsense signals me to cease. I heed to nonsenses counsel.

Good Evening. We now return you to your regularly scheduled genitals.

That is all.

I Throw Myself Upon The Sword Of Your Wisdom. Cut Me Deep With Knowledge.

May 1, 2006

Hi All.

Hey listen. I need an online rss aggregator newsreader feedreader. And not just any ol' one. I have accounts at nearly every single one of the buggers listed in the "syndicate" area of the sidebar here. I've tried them all out. I've read a billion articles about a billion things about each of them. 

I don't like a single one.

They each seem clunky and wierd.

They are not enjoyable to use.

I must enjoy! I want to marvel. I want to be pleasantly surprised by the grace of it, this Reader I covet.

The search tires me. Do you have the answer?  

Won't you please reveal to me which one it is I must have?

I suspect you will. Because you are glorious.

Thank you.