I Just Keep Watching It. *(Rescue Me!)

October 14, 2006

Yesterday and today I’ve watched all four discs of Rescue Me Season 2 starring Denis Leary. When it was over I watched Hotel Rwanda starring Don Cheadle and Ebay starring a guitar I helped build. But let us talk now of Rescue Me.

Rescue Me is the ongoing story of some hard-living, fast-talking, whiskey-drinking Irish sonofabitch named Tommy, played by Denis Leary, who works for the New York fire department (FDNY) in post 9-11 New York. Apparently they still have fires there. It’s an ensemble cast type of a show and I recognize a few of the faces but aside from Leary I really don’t know any of the other actors names. A couple of them are so old they probably don’t know their names either. It’s a real hell of a dramatic sort of show. There is a never ending string of heart-breaking tragedies. They’ve got screaming. They’ve got crying. They’ve got fire. Occasionally they have ghosts and homosexuals. I can’t decide if I like it or not.

As of now I’ve seen both Seasons 1 & 2 on DVD but that’s no garauntee that I like it. For instance, I’ve watched all three Ginger Snaps movies but only the first one was much good. Sometimes quantity trumps quality. There may have been a time when, in disgust, I would turn off a show I didn’t like. A time when what wasn’t liked was obvious. And what was liked was the most meaningful shit in the world. You could feel it in where you think and feel. Your heart, or, maybe your mind. You would think to yourself “This is incredible. Meaningful. I like it. I can tell for sure.” But that time is gone. Nowadays, when it comes to TV and Movies: Who gives a crap. It’s on. The sound is up. It fills the air between awake and asleep. Case closed. I’ll watch anything. Except Carlos Mencia.

Anyway. If you’re in the mood for a bunch of dudes putting out fires and pulling children from burning buildings, sitting around talking about dicks and balls and tits and whiskey. Watch Rescue Me.

Speaking of fire; that guitar I mentioned, it’s shaped like flames.

Bet you didn’t see that comin’.


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