Status: Earlobe.

August 1, 2006

Good day to you,

August 1 2006 – While reading this article about the health of Fidel Castro I came across…., um… okay, it wasn’t that article, it was this article, about…Harry Potter. Ok, fine yes, Harry Potter. Alright! Nevertheless, I came across an MSN photographic slideshow entitled “the week in celebrity sightings“. After I finished up learning literature, I clicked the link and watched the slideshow. I recommend you do the same. (follow that link to the Harry Potter. The slideshow was on the right.) Not necessarily all of it needs watching; just the final shot, number 18. If you attend to this behest you will discover there, as did I the following:

Kirk Douglas has attained an unbelievable Status of Earlobe!!!!!

Take heed! The slideshow is a Flash presentation titled “the WEEK in celebrity sightings”. Thereby presume it likely the image will not be available to us forever. (or beyond Sunday) I searched upon the internet for more permanent evidence of this lobe in hopes of linking to it directly. Sadly I have thus far found nothing which as fully reveals it’s splendour in the way in which Photograph Number 18 has been able to do. Therefore, I beg of you, View it now. Before it is too late!


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