Do You Follow Me On Twitter Yet?

April 3, 2007

Cause if you did, you’d know things like this: squawk_screenshot.gif


Twitter Capture of The Night

March 24, 2007

Randomly selected (on purpose) screenshot from Twitter…


Throw Myself On the Sword?

March 24, 2007

Blog Stats reveal strangeness.

Recently a steady stream of readers have visited this site after searching for “Throw myself on the sword” and finding an article I wrote that has that phrase in the title but is not about swords, thrown or otherwise. This makes me wonder a few things. Clearly I am disappointing anyone who is looking for that phrase, because the article I wrote that contains it, is SO much NOT about swords that it’s actually about RSS Feed Readers. How much less like a sword could one get than a feed reader? I fear I am disappointing you. Whoever you are, I am sorry.

Why are you searching for Throw-Myself-On-The-Sword? I  searched Google and didn’t find any results that jumped out and appeared to clarify what it is you must be looking for.


Don’t throw yourself on a sword.

Farewell Ze Frank… Oh Hello! Oh Damn!

March 23, 2007

On the final day of The Show with Ze Frank, I heard of The Show with Ze Frank.

What a sad state of sadness. Now I’ve watched almost all of the episodes over the last 6 days and it makes me wish I’d been there as it happened.

Oh Sad.

If you’re like me or, rather you as me 6 days ago and this is the first you’ve heard of The Show with Ze Frank there is a nice summation of the fun we missed out on out today at Slate Magazine