Raising a Family on Zazzle

March 22, 2007


I Drink the Wet – Mug

I Drink the Wet - Mug


What do you say? Does a line of Tote Bags, Shirts, Postage Stamps, (If nothing else at least look at that one. The idea of it arriving on an envelope is almost too much funny to handle.) and more, featuring the above illustration and other how to ‘use the wets’ seem as if it could catch on and generate enough income to help provide home repairs to economically depressed neighborhoods?

I’m serious. Twitter, will you validate my serious nature please? “Yes. Indeed I will.”

Zazzle pays the seller 7 to 17 percent of each sale. Average price of a small item being around 20 dollars. Are you making a mint on Zazzle somehow?

Discuss, advise. Thank you.



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