Interview: Katherine Coffeen on Hell

March 20, 2007

Interview: Katherine Coffeen

Ian Saylor
Monday March 19, 2007

Katherine Coffeen
Wife, Working Mom and Mother of two Katherine Coffeen
says Hell is not a literal place full of flames and devils.

1. So Katherine, the latest news is?

(Over)3,000 people have reported missing family members in Iraq, that is 50% more than before. (Since December 2006)
Naomi Campbell has to start her community service this week for throwing a phone at her maid.
Detroit has the highest rate of foreclosed homes in the nation.

2. Tell us a little bit about your driveway:

My driveway is awful….full of water and mud and rocks. It is so bad that sometimes people won’t drive their cars up it. Instead they park at the end and then they walk up.

3. I recently watched a small portion of a Discovery Channel show on the topic of Gender Reassignment surgery. What are your perceptions about the condition of feeling that one is not the same sex as the body one is connected to?

I think that if I had a child that wanted that, I would try to be supportive and it is their body so they know best how they feel about themselves and who am I to tell anyone what to do with their own body.

4. Do you like carrot cake?

Only my Mom’s

5. What memory do you believe to be the earliest, or first, thing you remember?

Waiting at the Swartz Creek house for Mom and Dad to bring Cristin home from the hospital, Grandma Saylor was there to watch us and I kept going down to the living room to see if they came home and put her on the couch…. I guess I was around 4.

6. Best Guess: By the end of today how many times will you have cursed something or someone?


7. If you don’t believe in Hell as a literal place full of flames and devils, describe what is intended by the concept of Hell:

I think that if you are a good person, no matter what your beliefs, when you die you will be reunited with those that you have lost and you will spend eternity with them. And if you are not a good person….then you go to “hell” which I think is just a place where you are alone forever.

Missing in Iraq [Herald Tribune]
Naomi Campbell [Sky News]
Detroit Foreclosures [Editorial] [Detroit News]


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