Congratulations Earth, You Twitter Killers!

March 19, 2007

UPDATE: 8:09pm Eastern. – Nevermind.. it’s back. 😉

Next, the News:

Twitter is down. Twittervision, at the mercy of twitter, also down, but providing a very lovely eulogy: has been experiencing server capacity problems this week due to very rapid growth.
We are sure the folks at Obvious are working to remedy the situation, but in the meantime, please be patient while waiting for posts on Twittervision.

We can’t display them if they cannot be posted to Twitter.

So, sit back and enjoy the show! Posts will be shown whenever they are available!

First, an Ode to Twitter:

Sad. How young and fair wert thou sweet Twitter. So fair and so sweet and so young and strange. So vibrant and plump. We all needed you! We had to have you. We were mad with desire for your sweet vibrant young fair strange plump.

Thus we jumped en-mass as collective earth and hive mind extolled your virtues and the cynics cynicized your worth.

Third, Communal Grief and Bonding:

Let us join hands… wait.. are you even there? are you reading this? How will you know I wrote this if I can’t twitter that I’m writing it.

No matter. I will trust that you are still there. I have seen your tweets all over the globe. And it has been beautiful. Though we are now veiled from each other yet do I feel we are together still in truth.

We must believe, for Twitter, like Tinkerbell, is healed by devotion.

To Twitter! To Life! To Birth and Hope!

In your name I ask us all,

“What are you doing?”


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