Mike Kenny Didn’t Write This!!!

September 26, 2006

I feel like I’m kinda stealing this entry style from this Mike Kenny guy whose blog I found and read and am now semi-imitating the style of. Is that wrong to do?

Duuuude its so sad right now the way things are though. Really sad. You know? I mean tears and stuff. Not just sitting there watching your T.V. shaking your stupid head rolling your eyes and saying “Sad man, really really sad.” Not aloof-intellectual-disgust-sad.

REAL sad.

(Psssst!, Hey!, You ever, like cry and stuff sometimes? Or…? well…Yea, No. Me neither. … I know. Yea. I agree. Crying is stupid. Right. OK man, cool. Nevermind)

Hmmm…Yeah. I definitely feel like I’m kinda stealing this entry style from this Mike Kenny. I don’t think it’s wrong. It is kind of sad. But it’s not wrong because I write like this all the time actually. In my head. And on IM’s with people. Actual people.

The main problem I see with pseudo-faux-rip-offerizing Mike Kenny’s ‘blog style is that, I left Mike Kenny a comment on his ‘blog, with a link to my ‘blog. And that was yesterday. So there’s a pretty fair chance that he’ll come over here and read this and think he’s on his own ‘blog reading something he wrote about people he doesn’t know and about how he’s ripping himself off by writing in the style of himself. I don’t know if Mike Kenny, or anyone else for that matter, is likely to be prepared for having their minds so totally blown. I don’t want to hurt anybody. Or, cause a total freak out. Or do I?

Here’s the thing though: I’m giving Mike Kenny all the credit for this entry. So, that’s like charity. I think? It’s like Mike Kenny just got a free ‘blog entry for free. He didn’t even have to write this and here it is. Perfect imitation crab Mike Kenny style ‘blog entry for the picking. Go ahead take it, repost it, call it your new entry, Take the night off. You’ve earned it. (That’s a link to Mike Kenny’s ‘blog. You should read it. Because you’ve earned it!) (That’s one too.)

Mike Kenny made me laugh yesterday so you should go read his ‘blog. It’s actually not very similar to this ‘blog. (Except that we’re both incredible at blogging) (Him more-so by virtue of sheer dedication) I think I fell in love with Mike Kenny or something. I sure am talking a lot about him right now. Who? Mike Kenny. Oh. Yeah.

I also stole from his ‘blog something which is not his anyway so I didn’t steal it. I was simply inspired to copy it. It’s called some sort of writing exercise where you just write and write and write off at the mouth for about 10 minutes straight. I just did it. You just read it! Did you? He does it on his ‘blog a lot. He also writes dialogs between Socrates and a psychopath. Read them! (Yeah. It totally is.)

Dear Mike Kenny,

Thank you for writing this ‘blog entry. You’re the best!

Sincerely Yours,


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6 Responses to “Mike Kenny Didn’t Write This!!!”

  1. mike kenny Says:

    hey, just read this! this made my day! glad you enjoyed the blog! i must have missed your comment when you sent it way back when. i came to this site via technorati. haven’t updated that blog in a while. i was going for a once a day thing for a while, i think, and then burned out for a while.

  2. shenbee Says:

    Oh man you finally caught me. I knew it couldn’t last…. I’m so familiar with the burnout, no worries. I’ve been on a posting tear the last week or so and am expecting to burn out any second. I usually manage to get a few people subscribing to the feed and start feeling real smart about myself., or at least , lucky, and then burn out and lose them. That’s why it’s better to just write for yourself as if nobody is in the room or at the window or standing beside you with a hot whip telling you what to say.

    You gotta do it for the love of your own craziness.

    Anyhow. I’m all rss feeded up to the mike kenny site. so… yea, I’ll be watching you.

  3. mike kenny Says:

    haha, well thank you! i just wrote an entry because i felt upbeat someone liked what i was writing. thanks! i’ve thought about writing a bunch of entries in one burst and then releasing an entry a day or something. do you have any tricks you like to employ to keep yourself blogging consistently?

  4. shenbee Says:

    Classic Mike Kenny. Nice entry.

    That’s a good trick. I have a small stock pile of unpublished drafts. All owing to suddenly disliking the post as opposed to being because I intend to finish it later. But that could happen….

    The main device I employ to keep myself going is an abundance of things I should be doing instead of writing.

    Works every time.

  5. Idetrorce Says:

    very interesting, but I don’t agree with you

  6. Ian Saylor Says:

    What DO you agree with…and who….,

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