The Sound of Muscles Woke Me Up

September 24, 2006

Last night I awoke to the sound of muscles. It was the Utata Bug again. It looked just like it does above, only not in a field. It was right in my room. Posing. Standing next to my chair. Looking at me while I slept. Making muscle sounds. I had no idea what to do. I closed my eyes. Then opened them.

Still there. Still posing and flexing. And grinning. I reached under my pillow and quietly unsnapped the snap on the sheath of the hunting knife that sleeps under my pillow. It’s a beautiful knife. I should show it to you sometime. Some other time perhaps. The Utata began to sway side to side. It had closed it’s eyes and was humming to itself. I eased the hunting knife out of it’s sheath and gathered it under the blanket. The sound of muscles filled the air. Suddenly it stopped swaying and cocked it’s head in the darkness.

I leapt forth from beneath my blankets totally nude with only my hunting knife to keep me warm and killed it on the throat and armpits. The sound of knives on muscles filled the air. When it lay still at last, I crawled inside it’s warm carcass to sleep. Just like they teach you to do with your horse when night falls in the desert.


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