Best Friends, Music and Fruit Flies

September 18, 2006

An open letter to: Nate from Ferocious Aquatic Tarantula,

AHA ! Hey man!! How are you!?? sweet sweet Nate… I miss you bad in my heart. How are things?! I’ll be very very excited to hear this rock we made. You’re not lame. Sometimes it takes a long time to get things in the mail. That’s normal. You aren’t lame at all. You’re man sexy.

I’m super full of intrigue about the stuff we did when we were making the actual album of all the F.A.T. songs. I don’t know why I never got to hear it. And yea, like you say, there is the forgetting factor. For sure. It hasn’t been that long but I bet I’ll be surprised to hear some of the tunes. The one u put up on the nate hobson music page was like that for me. For a second i felt like, “what the fuck? when…is…this us?” and then it hits you! “OH! Oh hell yea it is! We’re so awesome.”

Anyway, send it out man. Word is born.

In other news I just went to taco bell and bought food with my own money. Feels pretty good. Also I do think fruit flies can sense fear. It’s like they’re homing pigeons for your fear of them getting in your nacho bellgrande. They feed on fear.

And Nacho Bell Grandes.

Send me some words of you if you want. and then I’ll send some back and it will be like, the Internet ‘n’ shit. Pretty sweet. You know, without us all being around together, coupled with the way life just keeps incessantly moving, well, it makes me think “Fuck you life! I’ll get you yet! Just you wait, one fine black day you’ll be wandering quietly whistling thinking you’ve got it made and that’ll be the day, life. The day that I leap from the rooftops onto your spine with a screech with an ice pick.”

Do you still make music Nate? i do.

I hate it.

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