Security is False Alpha

September 10, 2006

Originally uploaded by mohandep.

The more confident and relaxed one feels and acts in social settings (chatting amiably, laughing, freely expressing opinions) the more comfortable ones peers will begin to feel. The more open and confident they will become in much the same manner. This is the gift of the Alpha to the group.

Therefore it is of great importance to the leader from time to time, to reinforce insecurity and unworthiness into the clique. In this way, the leader can enforce “correct” behaviour. Meaning behaviour that is to the leaders advantage; determined, maintained, shifted and controlled by the leader as the leader sees fit. The group will fall “into line” in a manner of speaking, instinctively so, (depending on the skills of the leader) and once in line can be kept in line by occasional reinforcement and approval of behaviour that is acceptable to the leader. And continued use of occasional, subtle humiliations. This is the gift of the Alpha to the group.




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