Exciting Heiwa Machine #4

September 5, 2006

私達はHeiwa 機械を刺激するために作る #4

Originally uploaded by eighthrs.

Poem to The Heiwa Machine
Last night in the basement of undisclosed depth we played the exciting excitement machine of Lupin III Pachinko machine for many minutes, Pachinko which is much similarity to pinball, however vertical. In Japan these machines are very popular such as slot machines. Ours was out curbed in the American neighborhood and retrieved by way of rescue mission USA.

See the handle on the lower right? See the yellow tray? The yellow tray of many many silver metal tiny many balls. When twisting clock-wise of the handle such tiny balls are shot as pinballs into the colorful space arena above the yellow tray wherein they cascade bounce and tumble upon myriad small pins horizontally into hopefully winning openings whereupon spinning lights activate and musical chimes demonstrate your success.



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