Bee Legs Of Doom

April 29, 2006


Originally uploaded by theparadigmshifter.



I didn't intend to say a single word today. I simply intended to read a simple story about bees and how they fly and what they do while they fly, with their legs.

Harmless enough? Well unfortunately some unexpected unsettling is overwhelming my urge to not write. I am writing.

And damn an article seemingly unrelated to anything outwardly unsettling but secretly in the midst of itself becoming unsettling!

The U.S. military and other groups hope to use such mini flying robots for search and rescue missions and other applications. Bees could inspire future designs.

Oh, I love rescue missions as much as the next guy needing rescue. But I really, really do not love vagueries such as "other applications" in such close relation to mention of the Military. Read it again. Other applications!?? Like, just what exactly, with your mini robot bee?

It makes for unsettling flights of hidden military fancy in my mind & I shrink for fear. & maybe a twinge of disgust.

Read the full article here. Feel the full unsettle in your heart. Enjoy the photograph in your eye. & Do not falter.


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