My A.M. Will Beat Up & Hump You.

April 8, 2006


Good Morning.

Now speaking of radio; I heard of a thing saying that coming up, FM will move off to a special new hi-definition bandwidth, AM will be reclassified up to equal current FM sound quality, and the current AM frequencies…??

Wouldn't it be Supergayhot!awesome totally! as if by magic – if they'd open them old ol'timey A.M.'s up nationwide upon our shining democracy and grant easy access of the airwaves to the general public? A little spark of life might flare up. Lets see that private individuals are 'on the air' with influence from right inside their own community broadcasting to friends and family on one of these "extremely-local" radio stations. ("neighborhood/family/block/grove/orsmallvillage" station) A newly re-imagined commodity given to The People. The commodity of presiding over wee broadcast ranges to nowhere.And yet….

When one envisions the potential to inform the thoughts of the public in such a system, within very specific groups of listeners very thoroughly, one smiles contentedly. And, even better still, our information will be delivered to the group through our closest friends and neighbors. One need only plant the seed of information. It will spread. Or would. If you had your own radio station.

Plus just think! For instance: just imagine… and….enjoy the thought of the very very very many extra local bands we'll get to hear from and about if the sheer number of radio stations on the "air" and totally available to local bands suddenly expounds by factors of 10's and 27's virtually overnight!

There's always a bright side.

For instance don't you just know some stone-cold freakaleeks out here in the hot and sexy 'merica are stone-cold guaranteed to leave their microphones up & full on broadcast while they hump hard next to it. Come on. That shit is inevitable. Oh What A Delight!
Unlike the radio of the past, now nearly anyone who wishes it will have a station of their very own on the air of influence in absolutely no time at all and will become a part of the conversation before they even thought halfway of anything worth saying once. But, by opening these connections & blurring the lines between "listening & broadcasting" : the two could become effectively one and the same idea, thereby: the network will grow organically. Consciousness will grow exponentially. One way or another at every moment EVERYONE will be listening in, learning, contributing, creating, growing, understanding (& broadcasting themselves humping to each other.) Inside such a network information will travel practically instantly from mind to mind at INCREDIBLe SPEEDS!!! as if by…T-Mobile Sidekick and Television. As if by Blogosphere & Myspace.

Except in my scenario it would be traveling by actual amateur radio broadcasts. And that's Ol' Timey!

(Like democracy!)


2 Responses to “My A.M. Will Beat Up & Hump You.”

  1. Or, giving people their own radio stations might result in something similar to public access TV, which tends to be pretty low scale and might get laughed at or brushed off. Anyways, don’t Podcasts allow the same opportunities for exposure?

  2. shenbee Says:

    oh yea…. It surely would be very very similar to public access.
    And your 2nd point is equally true. Thanks for writing! myspaceprofiles, blogs, rssfeeds, friendster, social bookmarks, comments, replies, youtube. webcams. All these “opportunities for exposure” are exactly what I was speaking to. Quite right! We have our very own “stations” this instant and It seems so…. futuristic! In a way I guess I’m trying imagine each of us running home with a bit of news, not to log on and blog or make a video podcast, but to fire up our ol’ a.m. radio broadcasting equipment simply to put it all in some perspective of history ….or…well I’m not entirely sure….It’s all uh……. OH Christ! AGAIN the neighbors…fighting….and spilling out into the parking lots hollering… What a loud boring nightmare… pardon me.
    Anyhow septemberfool, no matter my lack of a point lost: Thanks so much for writing!!

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