Rocky Balboa Is A Money Bird

April 6, 2006

New Rocky Movie 1st Stills

Last Month: In a post entitled “March Of The Money Bird” I coined the term “Money Bird”. It symbolizes an entity which will soar to the highest heights of profit. In that particular instance I used it in reference to a perceived “Constant Gardener-esque plot” I suspect to be in the works concerning the synchronized march of the avian flu bird flu drug company money bird all around the globe and ever closer to the sweet sweet money pit of the West where those drug companies will make their millions off the backs of Sweet Home Americanas massive, collective pocket book and lungs. But that is another story.

This Month: What I am currently very pleased to bring us is news of further sorts of money birdery afoot in the world. This sort is much less hazardous. Or, perhaps very very Much More Hazardous depending on how you choose to call it.

It’s Rocky Balboa.

Yes it’s true. He’s back. He’s Old. He’s ridiculous. He is most definitely, a Money Bird.


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