Science Is So Fucking Smart!! Damn!!

April 3, 2006

This article Sharon Begley of The Wall Street Journal recently wrote just boggle fucked my mind apart. Oh SNAAP!! I love the satisfying sensation of having scientific jibber jabber suddenly begin to sound poetic and clear! Don't you? It feels as if you're LEARNING something sometimes! Those are the good days.

Ok well now go check out the article. It's damn good. Says a buncha awesome shit like this wicked line:

"Music gives biologists fits. Its ubiquity in human cultures, and strong evidence that the brain comes preloaded with musical circuits, suggest that music is as much a product of human evolution as, say, thumbs."


your wicked sweet article awaits you RIGHT HERE.




2 Responses to “Science Is So Fucking Smart!! Damn!!”

  1. That does sound awesome. But the intervals mentioned in the article (eg: minor thirds, perfect fifths, etc.) are all based upon standards of Western musical notation and harmony (the octave, do re mi and all that), whereas several other cultures use different scales – the pentatonic, or five-note scale, is often found in East Asian cultures. I’m sure that these different musical scales would have conventions which sound “natural” to listeners who are used to them.

    So while the article sounds really cool, I would worry that it could have some sort of bias about the innate or “better” qualities of Western musical structure.

  2. shenbee Says:

    Bias? No….hehahahha…The Wall Street Journal has no bias. mm… oh that’s rich. 😉

    Seriously though, Septemberfool points out an interesting accuracy about this article: It is quite entirely euro/anglo/westerno/mexicano-centric in a majority (if not every single last one) of it’s musical reference points.

    But I can’t precisely discern from where or exactly whom the bias originates. Of course, bias is in everything in one way or another. In this case, assuming we’ve correctly detected it, is it a product of the author, is it the westernized ubringing of the subjects interviewed for the piece? etc… None of the participants in the article calls Western musical structures “better”, but there is also no “tip of the hat” to the structures of our brothers in the east, or anywhere that doesn’t use 5ths and 4ths and minor3rds. Perhaps that could be evidence of, at the very least, a bias of narrow world perspective, if not per se an outright and intentionally superior minded dismissal of another culture. Or perhaps the research is so cutting edge even The Wall Street Journal just can’t tell what’s what yet. Nevertheless bias is a very sneaky beast. & I appreciate fellow wordpress.commie Septemberfool raising the flag a bit. Better safe than sorry.

    Thank you so much for commenting! In writing the original post I didn’t define even for my own understanding what it was that made that article rock so damn much to my damn ear, but in writing this reply (which required reading the article a bunch more) I uncovered a great deal of what drew me to the theories in it. I appreciate ideas that link humanity on levels deeper than the allegiances we will choose for ourselves. Such as freemasonry. Or uh… well whatever, we choose, & as music has forever been my main “thing”, reading about the entity of music being grounded across all lines to a common history older than language, and super tight jeans just felt good.

    Damn good.

    Not as good as getting comments on the post mind you 😉 but pretty damn good.

    Thanks again!

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