Eddie Baranek & Ian Mclagan Is All Snuggle Faces

April 2, 2006

Photo by Robert Matheu
Snappy title for this post eh? Faces! eh? Get it!?. But anyhow…

Pal Eddie Baranek sings, writes the songs of, plays the guitars for, leads and altogether splendidly maintains the band THE SIGHTS from Detroit City. He interviewed Ian McLagan (Small Faces, etc…) all about organs and the key of D for Metro Times. Apparently Metro Times printed an edited version of the conversation & then allowed CREEM to let “the whole cat” out. This was somewhere back in 2005.

I found it all online quite by accident yesterday.

(If by accidental I mean: “thoroughly having scanned the blogotron for information to relay no matter how outdated it may be.”)

Interview Here.


2 Responses to “Eddie Baranek & Ian Mclagan Is All Snuggle Faces”

  1. Cash Says:


    nice blog.. i ll come back again :] greets

  2. sb Says:

    Thank you for the kind words. Look forward to seeing you again. Fan of The Sights? Faces? nothing? both?

    Hope you’re well.

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