The People On Flickr

March 28, 2006

Red Panda

Originally uploaded by seantracym.

The people on are a bunch of cat lovers.
It's one after the other shots of cat upon cat twisted this way and that. I refreshed the Explore/Most Recent Photos area for 3 minutes straight and the whole time it was nonstop: Cat shots.

Now of course, yes occasionally there was the odd photograph here and thereabouts of a chimpanzee, a crocodile, packs of mall gulls or herds of sheep. Perhaps one special sheep. But those were all fairly few and far between, like pictures of tulips and reverse in the mirror pictures of yourself taking the picture of yourself on your cell phone.

Cats were far more prominently featured.

Perhaps it was the passing fancy of a few likeminded individuals into the middle of which I pointed and clicked my way. But that is not what I suspect! If I'm correct, (And I am.) then the truth is that: "Flickr is the face of new Egypt."

There, I said it. And just look at us to agree with me! Do we not build our own perfectly composed geometrically aligned photographs in the desert of Flickr? Thats just like the tombs and pyramids and ancient ruins of glorious horrible Egypt. And scattering amongst our modernity, what do we find? Why, It's pictures of a myriad felines in grand repose! Of course it is! And what of it, Sophocles? What Roman discourse doth we abide? The fall of empires? Issues of state and unspoken bond in blind citizenship? Some sort of sinister shift in the certain humanity we used to embody. This new us. A mix of old and new used-to-be's. Cat people.

Well, beware friends.
One of them is 1/2 racoon…possibly some lemur in there too. Whatever that means.


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