Snitch Of Fur & New O.Trice

March 26, 2006

flight of fur
Originally uploaded by littlenutbrownhare.

Well! Last night for 2 hours beginning most likely around 11PM, our entire apartment building was in an uproar! The neighbors were having fits. Doors were pounded. Stairs were stamped up and down. Voices were raised. Bitches screamed. All various variety of mutherfuckers were identified as such.

In very loud addition, many parts of this and that particular so and so were made aware that such and such ass kicking activity was available to them. However, as far as I was able to make out while sitting in the dark eavesdropping, no ass was in fact technically kicked. What was kicked, mainly, was most every wall in the hallway.

Another bit of information I uncovered while listening in: Some chick called Kathy didn’t know where her keys were at but was very much aware of other facts such as: “Come on! We just gotta go. Cops are coming.” and also: “This is such bullshit.”

Now during happier days we’ve heard from our neighbors themselves that our neighbors are rappers. They’re over there flowing, they say. We haven’t heard it. They can’t believe we haven’t heard it!, they say. Well goddamn! I heard a whole lot last night! All forth and back in the hallways a number of chants arose amongst the people. The most recited one was something that went along the lines of: “Ok what!? Which one was it? Was it This door?! Huh? Which mutherfucker was it? Huh!? What, Who’s a bitch now. What? Whattid you say? Yea! Thats what I thought.. you fuckin punk.”

Things calmed down around 1AM after the fuzz had come and gone, but not because the fuzz had come and gone. And what I was left thinking about thru it all, aside from “I wish everyone would shut the fuck up.” was that IF it turns out that it was the rap neighbors fighting, then I hope that their white boy was all up in this shit that went down. Because that right there will make for a little all-important nugget of golden credibility which one needs in ones bag of tricks in order to make it in this rap game, b. And you know this.

Plus, coming Straight Out Of Davison one is going to likely need all the credibility one can get.

And you know this as well.

In other rap news Obie Trice has a new joint called “Snitch” with Akon. It’s hot as hell by 1st listen.

Thanks to for the fine imagery accompanying this post. Turns out both cats lived and are just fine! Fitting. Good catch.


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