Cameron, Heres The Plan

March 26, 2006

Cameron gently with Ronald


Mcdonalds is making commercials featuring people sidling up to Ronald on park benches and doing various things to him. You must get in contact with McDonalds show them your portfolio of the things you've done to that clown. They will cast you in a commercial. Next we will use your commercial making money to start a Mcdonalds franchise. We will use the Mcdonalds franchise as a front to launder real money made from smuggling ether and cambodians inside Ronald Mcdonald statues. We will use the cambodians to test the ether for purity. and we will use the ether to forget what we did to the cambodians while they were all whacked out on ether. Then we will eat Big Macs and shoot guns and go sledding.

Sincerely Yours,


3 Responses to “Cameron, Heres The Plan”

  1. […] When one envisions the potential to galvanize and inform the public in such a system, within very specific groups of listeners very thoroughly, one smiles contentedly. And, even better still, this information is delivered to the group through a trusted mouthpiece in our closest friends and neighbors. One need only plant the seed of information. It will spread. One could, for instance; semi-instantly suddenly realize, and, then almost just as immediately inform their "neighborhood" that everything they have ever read on picture perfect is a total batch of hysterical catshit. (Or terribly brilliant!) And they'd be absolutely right about it. (The former.) And thus the word will spread. Or would. If you had your own radio station. […]

  2. shenbee Says:

    I appreciate your sentiments. Keep in touch. Perhaps we can cut you in on the action.

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