Brontosaurus Top Most Topic

March 25, 2006

harold's auto
Originally uploaded by a nameless yeast.

Yea man, I ride on the brontosaurus that stands below your corvette. Him in his little red corvette and the boy wonder neck high in the crook jointed hump where brontosaurus meets it's maker.

I give the brontosaurus his A Level marks. For pride and long wind. And for public speeches. He stands on the podium and the crowd is made amazed.

This brontosaurus doesn't dance. He does the one two punch on the t top of your little red corvette and he laughs from stem to stern. You scramble. The brontosaurus ambles. Your corvettes are all a shambles.


2 Responses to “Brontosaurus Top Most Topic”

  1. Keerti Says:

    That’s an interesting building.

  2. JMSB Says:

    Thx for the comment keerti. I gather from the photogs profile that it may be in Sarasota, Fl somwheres. But I do know this: If it were broke, I’d take my car to that place. No question.

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