BJ Premore Gets Buck Wild

March 25, 2006

In The Desert of Snow stands a cold and shadowy shape. It is a man on an outing to the snowiest place in the land. He stands still and is on his feet and on his skis and has enough wits left about him to pose with natural regal grace. But he’s very damn cold. The trees, the bark, the hillside, the snow it self, they’re all freezing to death. They each wait in their own natural grace for a hot chocolate rain who never arrives. As do I.

Now, when Bj Premore takes an outing Bj Premore documents the outing thoroughly and posts it online. When JMSB (thats me) image searches upon google for “Extremely + Tired” JMSB finds The Desert Of Snow to which Bj Premore and friends have ventured in the year 2000. Apparently Bj Premore and friends were extremely tired. So am I. They were tired after adventures. I’m tired just sitting here having just woken’d up.

At the close to his snow-soaked and expansive online journal Bj Premore determines amongst himself and his rowdy friends that despite the many difficulties faced on this outing they will return to the Desert Of Snow and do it again. I’m with them on that. I think they ought to. Along the same lines; I’ve determined amongst myself and my own non-rowdy buttock that it’s time to go back to sleep. Perhaps I shall have sweet dreams of BJ Premore & The Desert Of Snow. One never knows. However if it were up to me I’d skip that frigid expanse and have sweet dreams instead of a desert filled not with chilly Bj Premore, but with hot BJ’s, and also sugartrees and hot buck-wild chocolate raindrops.
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