The Modern TV Dinner Is Horseshit

March 9, 2006

Thats the man, Gerry Thomas, credited with inventing the TV Dinner. He died awhile back.

This thing I ate came from Banquet Dinners. A sweet and sour “chicken” dish.
I started eating it and typing this at the same time to get a real immediate feel to the post. Straight from the front line as it were. – Bon Apetite!

4:06 PM: sit down w a sweet and sour chicken rice combo. smells sour. looks orange. First Bite: Large piece of breaded chicken nuggetish material with sticky orange gush on it.
First Reaction: Hot. Neither sweet nor sour. Mushy. Sticky. Horribly Mushy Sticky Chicken. The taste is not too terrible. But in fact is quite horrible feeling. The consistancy, the texture, may reveal the qualities of cheap old horseshit. I wouldn’t know.

4:10 : pm : Second Bite – rice and orange gush with flecks of orange vegetable-esque matter which must be intended as carrot shavings. Horrendously sticky.

Step 3- 4:11 Pm :3rd bite – Chicken chunk 2, (out of 7 available) Feels like a large lump of luke-hot chewed gum.

Very sticky and horrible.


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