Scott Clean Bloody REPO

February 23, 2006

The facts of the matter are that a beige Pontiac has been successfully repossessed just outside the apartment I'm in. Above is a photograph of how it looks just a few 20 seconds before one's car is gone for, if not good, well then pretty much good. And 39 seconds prior to that: One's car is being pulled by a chain hooked to one's back bumper out of it's parking spot and into the position we see in the above photo. This position is the one that signifies both imminent success for the repo'er & penultimate fuck-uppery for the unfortunate now former owner.

At 1:23 PM today I heard the chains and the grumbling that can only be tow truckery in progress. I peered outside. There was a repo occuring. It took me a little too long to get the camera. But I knew the camera battery to be quite dead at present. So I procrastinated for at least 15 seconds before realizing it was worth a shot. Effort paid off and the short jog down my hallway resulted in the battery allowing me a single partially focused image of the repo.

I've never been repo'd. I have the feeling that it's the opposite feeling from the day the car is aquired. There's alot of anger and sadness all over the world and I think it's a shame there's going to be a little more sometime today when the owner(s) of the beige Pontiac come face to face with what has just occured. My condolences go out to them. To the Repo Man: Congratulations on not being attacked at any point during your very successfull repo by the owners of the beige Pontiac. I think you did see me take your picture. I wondered if you'ld come a knocking with questions but you haven't. Wise choice. Unlike the owners of the beige Pontiac I would likely have attacked you had you knocked on my door.


I would have congratulated you and invited you to visit my blog when you got home.


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