Thank You Bryan Ford

February 22, 2006

From the AV Club Blog via Bryan Ford we discover a table which comes as no surprise to any of us as being one of the better, if not the very best table on the internet. As I write today we find me once again accompanied by Ruby Red Grapefruit juice in my purple cup and having thoughts of Superman. I've had thoughts of Superman for many years. It never occured to me to envision this super table before today. Having now done so, years of oversight appear astonishingly shortsighted. Brian Ford as well was never before today imagined by myself. But he managed to find this table in the internet and post it in the humor area of his website. In spite of the total acknowledgement blackout his existence has been receiving from me his entire life, he has been hard at work writing technological treatises of the type which impress a gobbledygook nonsense talker such as myself a great deal.

Thank you to Bryan Ford. And thank you to the carpenter of this fine table.


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