Passion Boys Make Satellite Luv 2 Me

February 22, 2006

Bátaszék, Hungary, Passion Boys home town
I've never been to Hungary. Let alone blogged it or been grooved out by Hungarian Passion Boys, musically speaking. However I am able to now report that the latter has occurred.This band is the type of band that may and does, say things like : "Yes! Passion Boys is born for to play Big music festival." That's the sort of band they are. I listen to what they're doing.

They use that googly-whizzeration sound like Timbaland and I think of Aaliyah. She was from Detroit. Passion Boys is being from Hungary. Here lies the Google Earth Screenshot of their town. They want me to ride on their satellite of love and I doubt very much if the line is drawn at me. I mean to say: I bet they want you on a satellite of love as well. They are that sort of band.

Look. They posted a satellite scan of their area in Hungary. That's love.


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