Valentine Texture

February 14, 2006

Well. Well. Well. What have we here? It’s a damn bunch of nonsense. I’ll tell you what I think. It’s some foam rectangles. I bet the dark areas have been “burned” in leaving the red areas and the yellow glow in the right edge to fend for themselves. I bet somebody knows exactly who I’m talking about. It’s a sense of vagueness when we see this. And a sense of blood. Similar in many ways to the vague definition of “who” each person we know is, and the vague boxes we put each other in to save time and effort, and the red lights of humanity we ignore. You hate yourself, you see hate in others. It’s not there. It may be. You make sure it is. We all do. We must make sure the world appears the way we expect it to appear and that is a matter of interpreting the events of a day and St Valentines Day at that, thru the eyes of what you insist is all there is.


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